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We have special interest in the rights of EU workers and their family members. Please contact us for help with an EEA family permit, an application for a residence card, confirmation of retained right of residence or permanent residence. EEA family permit is issued to family members of EU nationals when they apply for confirmation of their right to enter the UK. Family members include the spouse, children under the age of 21 or above the age of 21 but still financially dependent on the parent, dependent parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Other family members who may be entitled to a family permit include more distant relatives, such as cousins, aunts and uncles, who either had lived in the same household as the EU national sponsor, or financially depend on the sponsor at the time of the application.

EU nationals enjoy an automatic right to live in the UK provided they do not become unreasonable burden on the public purse. However, in order to benefit from full advantages of EU legislation, EU nationals have to be exercising their free movement rights (in other words, have to be employed, self-employed, students, active job seekers, or persons of independent means), or have permanent right of residence in the UK.EU law also protects non-EU national family members in case of break down of the family. The resultant right is called the retained right of residence.

European legislation on free movement of workers is much more generous to family members of EEA nationals than domestic immigration rules are to family members of British Citizens. However, British citizens who have exercised their rights to free movement in other EU states may also benefit from the more generous provisions of EU law when it comes to immigration issues for their family members.

We often advise clients on their eligibility to benefit from these more generous provisions.If you have a question regarding an EU matter, please contact us and we will be happy to assist. 


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